GMU teachers honor high school students with annual awards

2019 High School Teacher Awards

Art Awards

HS Studio Art Art Awards:
Emerging Artist: Kaitlyn Fuller
Visionary: Zachary Grabo
Art Excellence: Nicole Meyers

Leatherstocking Brush and Palette
    Sydney Swift

Chenango Arts
    Katherine Backman

Mary Krupp Award
Katherine Backman

Mock Trial Awards (Team finished second)
Hailey Cappiello    Sadra Smith        Ethan Newman
Shalleigh Taranto    Sam Piedmonte    Kyle Meyers
Andrew Meyers    Skyler Norton    Emily Hammond
Natalie Pistor    Anika Christensen    Skye Wilson
Nina D'Amato    Roman Taranto    Nicole Meyers
Maya Farwell

Language Awards

Outstanding Effort in Spanish 1:
Madeline Pain
Lane Dibble

Outstanding Effort in Spanish 2:
Anika Christensen

Outstanding Effort in Spanish 3:
Teddy Sharkey
Sadra Smith

English Awards

Excellence in 9th Grade
    Anika Christensen        Maya Farwell
    Madeline Pain               Kailah Davis            
     Lane Dibble               Lauren Radwdan        
Connor Eberly

Excellence in 11th Grade
    Savannah Bresee      
    Sadra Smith          

Excellence in Journalism
Isabella Ramos            Samuel Piedmonte

Highest Average in English 10:  Tyler Joslyn & Apolonia Drapaniotis

Highest Average in English 12:  Natalie Pistor

Mathematics Awards

Highest Overall Average:  Lane Dibble
Highest Overall Average:  Lauren Radwan
Academic Perseverance:  Tyler Furgison
Academic Achievement in Geometry: Fiona Held
Zombie Survivor in Geometry:  Brackon Banks
Academic Achievement in Geometry: Nicole Meyers
Academic Achievement in Algebra 1: Madeline Pain
Zombie Survivor in Algebra 1:  Courtney Gross

Algebra 2a
Outstanding Achievement:  Apolonia Drapaniotis
Consistent Effort:  Kyli O’Dell

Algebra 2b
Outstanding Achievement:  Sadra Smith
Consistent Effort:  Hunter Christian
Teacher Assistant:  Sawyer Hinman

Highest Average:  Andrew Meyers
Consistent Effort:  Jazmine Brooks
Mathematical Prowess:  Corey Wilson

Math & Financial
Highest Average:  Mara Nolan
Consistent Effort:  Dalton Downs

Yearbook Awards
Mrs. Talbot
Right-hand Woman:  Mara Nolan
Enthusiastic workers:  Rebecca Fuller, Kaitlyn Fuller, Rian Thatford
Yearbook Dedication: Mr. Johnson

Psychology Award
Outstanding Achievement:  Nina D’Amato
Consistent Effort:  Shalleigh Taranto, Airyana Wright

Science Awards

Academic Achievement
Madeline Pain

Academic Determination
Zan SanSoucie and Kaylie Dunham
Most Inquisitive:  Morgan Keuhn

Highest Average in Biology - Rene Posner
Outstanding Performance in Biology - Kailah Davis

Physics: Sadra Smith

TC3/Regents Chemistry: Sawyer Hinman

General Chemistry:
     Kaitlyn Fuller and RebeccaFuller

Integrated Science: Isabella Ramos

STEM Awards

STEAM Team Leadership Award:
Madeline Pain & Anika Christensen

STEAM Team Businesswoman Award:
Morgan Keuhn

Social Studies Awards

Outstanding Participation in Global History I
    Ryan McCall
Anika Christensen
Madeline Pain

Outstanding Participation in Global History II Studies
Teddy Sharkey
Olivia Held

Outstanding Participation in World War II Studies
Bruno Portes

Outstanding Discussion in Genocide Studies
Airyana Wright
Shalleigh Taranto
Ethan Newman

Outstanding Participation in:

U.S. History and Government-     
Vanessa Nelson
Ethan Charron
Thomas Mealey        ?Ethan Newman                

Jazmine Brooks        
Bruno Portes

Mara Nolan    
Isabella Ramos

TC3 ECON 101(Introduction to Economics):    Natalie Pistor
TC3 POSC 103(American National Government): Shalleigh Taranto

U.S. History through Music and Culture:        
Nina D’Amato        Isabella Ramos

Culinary Art Awards
Outstanding Excellence in Culinary Arts:  
        Brandon Seward
        Cooper Teale

Health Awards
Outstanding Excellence in 10th Grade Health
        Emily Hammond        

Physical Education Awards
Hunter Christian
Bruno Portes

Technology & Business Awards

Dominick Carey - Excellence in Furniture Design
Skyler Norton - Excellence in Furniture Design
Kyle Meyers - Craftsmanship in Furniture Design

Shane Christian - Excellence in DDP/CAD/Engineering
Dominick Hartwell - Excellence in Engineering

TC3 Accounting 101
Nina D'Amato - Outstanding Achievement in Accounting
Andrew Meyers - Outstanding Achievement in Accounting
Natalie Pistor - Outstanding Achievement in Accounting

Computer Applications
Ryan McCall - Outstanding Achievement in Computer Applications
Dylan McVey - Outstanding Achievement in Computer Applications
Bruno Portes - Outstanding Achievement in Computer Applications

Sports Marketing
Ethan Charron - Outstanding Achievement in Sports Marketing
Bruno Portes - Outstanding Achievement in Sports Marketing
Ethan Newman - Fantasy Football General Manager of the Year (No Certificate Needed)
Samuel Piedmonte - NCAA Basketball Analyst of the Year (No Certificate Needed)

Music and Drama Awards

Otsego All-County Junior Band
Lauren Radwan
Otsego  All-County Junior Chorus
Kailah Davis

Otsego All-County Senior Band
Anika Christensen
Nina D’Amato
Maya Farwell
Theodore Sharkey
Shalleigh Taranto

Otsego All-County Jazz Band
Ethan Charron
Anika Christensen
Corey Wilson

Otsego All-County Senior Chorus
Gavin Bonczkowski
Nina D’Amato
Emily Hammond
Hartwick Honor Band
Anika Christensen
Nina D’Amato
Theodore Sharkey

Susquehanna University Honors Band
Anika Christensen
Nina D’Amato
Vanessa Nelson

Zone 8 Area All-State Mixed Chorus
Gavin Bonczkowski
Anika Christensen

Zone 8 Area All-State Treble Chorus
Nina D’Amato
Emily Hammond

Zone 8 Area All-State Concert Band
Vanessa Nelson

Zone 8 Area All-State String Orchestra
Maya Farwell

NYSSMA Solo Festival (Instrumental)
Anika Christensen – Flute – VI – A+ (100)
Maya Farwell – Cello – VI A (96)
Theodore Sharkey - Trombone – V – A-(91)
Corey Wilson – Bass Clarinet – VI – Festival
Airyana Wright – Flute – IV - Excellent

NYSSMA Solo Festival (Vocal)
Gavin Bonczkowski – Voice – VIAS – A+ (98)
Anika Christensen – Voice – VI – A+ (98)
Nina D’Amato – Voice – VI – A (95)
Nina D’Amato/ Hailey Cappiello – Vocal Duet – III – Festival
Emily Hammond – Voice – VIAS – A+ (99)
Airyana Wright – Voice – V – B+ (88)

Drum Major
Nina D’Amato
Sadra Smith

Outstanding Symphonic Band Member
Theodore Sharkey

Outstanding Senior Choir Members
Nina D’Amato
Hailey Cappiello

Glimmerglass Opera Award
Tavian Raymond

Outstanding Performance in a H S  Musical: Leading Role- Sloan
Nina D’Amato
Gavin Bonczkowski
Hannah Bonczkowski
Emily Hammond
Austin Smith
Kacie Turnbull

Outstanding Performance in a H S  Musical, Supporting Role
Anika Christensen
Theodore Sharkey

Outstanding Performance in a H S  Musical, Ensemble
Hailey Cappiello
Kailah Davis
Maya Farwell
Fiona Held
Tyler Joslyn

Musician Of The Year: *
Airyana Wright

GMU - Booster Club Athletic Award.
    Recipient: Hunter Christian      

GMU - Booster Club Expressive Arts Award
    Recipient:    Hailey Cappiello

GMU - Booster Club 3 Varsity Sport Athletic Award

    Recipient:    Hunter Christian

GMU-Booster Club Honorary Booster Club Member Award

    Recipient:  Natalie Pistor
GMU Clay Raiders - The team was recognized in its first year of competition
Owen Mangiamele
Dalton Proskine
Kaylie Dunham
Eron Button
James Raymond
Shayne Christian
Lauren Radwan
Airyana Wright
Payton Talbot
Dan Tompkins
Lane Dibble

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